What A Season It Has Been!

Well here we are, 5 1/2 months since our soft launch opening and what an incredible time we have had! We have hosted over 630 pilgrims overnight, 1,000 for coffee and lunch stops and have personally drawn more than 2000 stamps in peregrino credentials. The countries represented around our evening dining room table have included Germany, Poland, China, Japan, South Korea, Russia, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Ireland, Scotland, England, Latvia, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Switzerland, France, Philippines, Czech Republic, Holland, Canada, USA, Brazil, Chile, Denmark, Venezuela, Norway, Lithuania, Austria, Belgium, Taiwan, and of course, Spain and Portugal. The spirit of the Camino has deeply affected us through the sharing of thousands of conversations as to the nature of the  pilgrim experience, the motivation for the walk, the friendships that have emerged, and the awakenings that are emerging. The age range has been between 7 years of age and 87!

Word of mouth in regards to the Quinta Estrada Romana – our official name that means “Farm on the Roman Way”, has traveled up and down the Portuguese and French Caminos, bringing to us many walkers who had heard of “The Canadians”. We have come to truly realize the nature of community that exists throughout these paths.

We have learned a great deal – which we will share in upcoming blogs. Stay tuned!IMG_1807 IMG_1758






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