We Are Selling The Quinta Estrada Romana…Interested?

Indeed- it has been quite the ride since we first walked by this magnificent place and returned a few months later to purchase the 3.3 hectare beauty and a 200+ year old farmhouse.  The land and its ruin called to Geof and me in ways that we could never truly explain to our families and friends who we were leaving behind in Canada as we pursued our dream.

I will  never forget the first few months clearing the land…and then the excitement that came with visualizing the incredible potential as we stripped away the old interior and began to work with her strong bones.

There were definitely days, weeks and months during the 3 years of renovation when we thought we were going crazy and questioned what we had gotten ourselves into.

But then the first pilgrims arrived, unexpectedly since we were not yet open  – and the magic began. Since March 2014 we have served thousands upon thousands  cups of coffee, made more lunches than you could imagine and our favourite part – hosted thousands of pilgrims from all over the world around our dining room table. The stories that have been shared around that table have humbled Geof and me as each night we experienced the depth and power of the path and its transformational powers. I guess that is why we continue to have so many returning guests!

Every adventure has a beginning, a middle and an end. As Geof and I faced the reality of our birthdays this year – we knew in our inner hearts that the clock is ticking and that the albergue needs and deserves younger souls to take her into her next chapter.

Of course, this was a very tough decision, and one that we sat with for a few months. But the time has come and we must face it. Of course we will continue to operate the albergue in all her glory until the time for transition occurs.

We can guarantee you that this is a magnificent life-style choice. We have earned the reputation of being the “best” albergue on the Portuguese Camino. We have volunteers from all over the world helping us serve our guests.  In a nutshell – this is an AMAZING OPPORTUNITY for a family, a couple, a group of friends, or another hostel owner to prepare  the Quinta Estrada Romana for the 100,000 walkers coming in 2020. (We started in 2014 with 27,000!)

Our property is just under 3 hectares and is made up of 5 pastures, 3 terraces used as additional vineyards with their old granite posts and a pond provide enormous growth opportunities for additional development – more private rooms, a larger restaurant …private African tents, more community spaces…anything you could possibly imagine for the large predicted increase in Camino traffic and therefore significant business growth. The front third of the property is zoned as commercial land, while the back two thirds is zoned as farmlands,

There is a new 2 bedroom, 2 storey house built next to the albergue for the owners and managers . The master bedroom is so large that it could be divided into 2 bedroom, if 3 bedrooms were necessary,

This is a turn key sale – so all furniture, appliances, beds, bedding, linens, kitchen ware, dishes, and farm equipment i.e. everything you will need to operate the albergue, will be included in the purchase price.

The business model is sound, This year we will make 55,000 euros from our Pilgrim services – operational  for 8 months. This has been achieved with no marketing other than the journals and our word-of-mouth reputation,

So send us an email from this site or to quintaestradaromana@ gmail.com. We have proven this is a great business – now it’s ready to grow with the numbers. We will discuss more in regards to the financials and the selling price with those who are truly interested:) If you know people who might be interested, or agencies who specialize in this type pf property sale…please let us know.

Thanks…Lesley & Geof

Bom Caminho

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