Then & Now

The Walker's Vista October 2010
The Walker’s Approach October 2010
The Walker's Approach May 2013
The Walker’s Approach May 2013

Blogs…they were invented for quick updates on issues that matter to the people writing and reading them. Yet why does it take me months to update our Beautiful Boot web-site. I think in our case, it’s that “one thing” we wanted finished before we went back into the world to say  “well this is what we have been up to!”.

The “one thing” holding me back has been the steel girder roof, sitting on top of our renovated Albergue for close to six months. It has been waiting for a team of skilled carpenters who would not be scared off by Geof’s architectural masterpiece – oh – and the weather. The locals have touted the five months of dominant rain as the worst winter in 50 years. Of course, this would be the winter when our house’s stone walls and newly cemented floors laid exposed to the world. They say that a slow cure for cement is the best – well – we must have some humdinger construction.

The Pilgrim’s Entrance October 2010

So here we are on May 28th 2013 and the weather and crew have found themselves intricately entwined in the

The Pilgrim's Entrance May 2013
The Pilgrim’s Entrance May 20ocked into the

massive puzzle that will bring the Albergue to her final external form. Then there will be the windows and doors –that have been waiting for the roof – you know- the chicken and egg of construction.

As a tribute to the two year passage of time in construction, that has felt like molasses on so many days, we felt we were ready to

simply show you what have been up to -even without the final roof!



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