The Unfolding of Beauty

Hi everyone who is sharing this ride of a lifetime with us. Geof has just returned from three months of unbelievable transformational work on our land. I was there for two out of the three months. From the end of February to the May 31st, we uncovered four terraces, each of which is massive. From a wall of bramble and trees, Geof with his harnessed whipper snipper and me with my handy clippers and saw were able to discover an orchard on the first terrace, a park on the second, a winding treed terrace on the third, a forest on the fourth and the cleared land on the top. Each one began as a mystery and ended up as a

The Third Terrace - Pushing ThroughThe Park Terrace -Take a Deep Breath!

wonderful surprise of beauty. Imagine – each of these terraces below are above one another and wrap themselves around the curve of the land that curls back into yet another set of pastures. Our walkabout at 6pm each evening became longer and longer as we had more beauty to “survey”.

The Orchard Terrance - Pushing Through the Bramble