Spring 2012

Hi there! How wonderful that you have made it to this page. It means that you have either intentionally or quite accidentally tripped into our world in Portugal. The Beautiful Boot Project is alive and well in our hearts, minds and definitely on the land in Passos Portugal. For those of you who already know our story, this is an update as of mid June 2012. For those who are meeting us for the first time on this page, you might take a look at the post “Our Original Welcome” as it outlines what we are all about.

Lunching in the Minho

Over the early months of 2012, Geof and I have transitioned from loving dreamers to active players in the transformation of our life, as told through the story of the Beautiful Boot Project and its coming to life. We have confirmed that indeed this land is magical. While of course, our opinion is highly biased, we were blessed with our first adventurers who came to lend their spirit and their brawn. My sister Amanda and her partner Ian added two trees to our pastures – a cherry and a fig.

Launchpad to the Cosmos

Sarah, our wonderful friend, laid a meditation mosaic in our newly discovered park. Patrick, Geof’s nephew and his friend worked hard clearing the lower waterway terrace – when they weren’t driving very fast on country roads in their red convertible!  They came with open hearts and left us with their love embedded in the land along with a new sense of what life was calling to us.

The Beautiful Boot is teaching us more than we had ever imagined. Her journey is our passageway to a complete renovation of our lives. What is occurring on her physical plane is simultaneously playing out in us. Here are just a sample…All the farmhouse’s exterior and interior walls have all been repointed and strengthened. (The personal lesson? That we need to have healthy bodies to take on the really tough transformation.) She has been gutted in the interior – leaving only the walls standing. (Transformation demands that we strip back to nothing if we are going to give ourselves the permission to really change.) Her renovation plans are approved by the municipality. (It is important to have an idea of what you are going to do to undertake the transformational experience). The drains are being built. (We need outlets for the release of what we are letting go of. ) Her land is being cleared and readied for next year’s farming activity. (While we are busy in our own transformational experience, it is useful to understand that everything around us will also be in a metamorphosis of its own.) Her interior construction is about to begin under the workmanship of our friend and expert contractor, Carlos and his team. (We need to truly “know” the people with whom we are entrusting our transformational experience. ) Her opening date will be the late spring of 2013. (A sense of urgency is a critical feature that drives momentum.)

Okay – enough of the metaphors. There is much more to share. Stay tuned over the summer as we ramp up for our new beginning. Come along with us as we restructure and reprogram our lives. it is quite contagious.

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