Farm Tour

The sign post at the corner of the Beautiful Boot farm.

The Camino de Santiago as it approaches the farmhouse.

The front of the farmhouse after I pruned the vines. The livestock were kept in the lower level to provide heat to the living quarters above. The sloping roof on the left is storage for grains and maize.

It is also where the outhouse is.

The gate is too keep the livestock in the lower section.

The farmhouse was originally all stuccoed and painted white. Ocher and aqua blue fresco paintings surrounded the windows.

The back of the house presented a lot of challenges but what is there not to like about a verandah facing west with a stone bridge a stone stairs leading to it.

The Camino as it leads away from the farmhouse. It was my first attempt at clearing the water courses on either side of the Camino.

Part of the stone wall surrounding the farm. Planted with grape vines.

Upper pastures bordered by vines supported on granite post.

Gate off off the Camino leading into upper pasture.

One of the three lower pastures once used for growing maize.

More vines surrounding the lower pastures with a couple of chestnut trees.

Looking back into a little pasture tucked into our forest.

Our neighbors use the Beautiful Boot pastures to graze their sheep. No wonder they are so green and fertile.

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