Cleaning House!

Over the winter we finally began the cleaning and repairing of the old stone farmhouse.

We always knew she was beautiful.

But washing away decades of neglect  uncovered a beauty we never expected. 

The north wall frightened us.

A good portion of the granite wall was laying on the ground and the old mortar was like sand to the touch.

Carlos the stonemason pulled off some magic restoring the wall.

We knew the stones around the windows were massive but the size and integral role they held in the structure was revealed.

The stairs leading up to the west verandah were completely overgrown and listed quite profoundly to the right.

It was the first part of the restoration work Carlos took on. I think he knew how beautiful they were.Voila!!!!

2 thoughts on “Cleaning House!”

  1. What a beautiful gal she is! I can hardly wait to visit you here in 2014! Good luck with the work ahead in coming months…Jane

  2. Love the before and afters. Amazing what some little TLC will do! The spirit of the Farmhouse feels like she has been away at the Spa and is coming back renewed and rejuvenated for her next stage of life!

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