A Crazy Wonderful Night

The beauty of the Quinta Estrada Romana is what called Geof and I into her space back in 2010. It is her very unique and powerful energy that draws all who walk down into our courtyard to decide to step off for a coffee, a sandwich, a beer, a glass (or bottle) of wine or the best ever overnight experience. There is something about her “atmosphere” that beacons those who pass by. Last night, she called out to 9 wonderful pilgrims from Germany, Canada and Italy. Around our homestyle dining room table, native language was transcended by our collective camino experience,  We all become one family for one night enjoying stories, hopes and dreams.

We Are Here!!!!

April 1 2017! It is hard to imagine where the time has flown since the end of Season 2016 and the beginning of this new year of incredible pilgrimage. Well for Geof, Jose and the many walkers who have already had coffee, lunch, dinner and peaceful sleep since January – it is hardly the beginning. Our doors remained open over the winter months to support walkers through the more challenging winter months. But before we turn to what is coming in this, our fourth season – let’s take a look back over some of the moments we shared during Season 2016! We had over 1500 pilgrims dine, sleep and breakfast with us and well over 4000 sit with us during the day for coffee, lunch, snacks and of course…beer and wine. All of this was made possible by the incredible Jessica, along with our ever crazy Lucas! It is thanks to them that we had the best season EVER!

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