Creating the Indoor Spaces for Our Walkers

The Albergue Reception & Cafe
The Albergue Reception & Cafe
Geof's Creation
Geof’s Spiral Creation

It has been a truly intriguing experience to watch as our vision for the farmhouse’s spaces came alive. The first floor revealed her new identity  the moment we laid the Gaudi floors. Antoni Gaudí (1852–1926) was a Spanish Catalan architect from Reus. Many buildings throughout the Barcelona area are a testament to his exceptional and outstanding creative contribution to the development of architecture and building technology in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The moment we saw these tiles, we knew that they had to become part of the Albergue experience.

Then came the circular staircase, designed by Geof and hand made by a local steel man. The wood on the treads are Acacia, also cut and crafted by Geof. It was a happy day when we were able to walk up the stairs to the second floor without having to go back and around outside!

You can see the seating that we have purchased from a Dutch furniture company  – all solid pieces that once placed will not move. At this point we have seating for 16 in the cafe. The commercial kitchen will be placed at the top of the picture  – gas stove, deli counter, panini refrigerator station and of course – a European coffee machine. We will be offering our overnight walkers a hot meal and breakfast, and will be serving sandwiches, soups, snacks, pastries, coffee, cold drinks, wine and beer throughout the day.

Our Wood Burning Stove
Our Wood Burning Stove

We have just welcomed our wood burning stove into the fold. Her job will be to keep the main floor warm as well as function as a hot surface for soup, water, and warm dishes. Her oven will be a great back-up for when our hot services are in demand. A computer station will be set up in the corner near the stove for those who wish to make contact with the outside world.

First Floor Washroom – Getting Ready

There are two red & white washrooms with showers off to the right of the cafe, and a utility room, that runs the length of the kitchen, for our back-up refrigerator, washing machine and storage.


The multipurpose room has been designed to play a number of roles such as overflow dining and sleeping. It also will function as a community gathering room as well as a silent space for meditation and yoga. Our walkers will tell us what purpose it will best serve – and we will oblige!

Blue Multipurpose Room
Blue Multipurpose Room


Our Ocher Women’s Bathroom

The second floor has two full bathrooms and showers for men and women. We have been committed to using local materials. Our bathroom steel work was crafted by our neighbour and all of the tiles, granite and porcelain are from our local area.

Our Blue Men's Washroom
Our Blue Men’s Bathroom

I can’t wait until I experience the walls ringing with the voices of pilgrims on their journey.


Welcome To Our Sleeping Quarters

Private Accommodation
Private Pension Room

It has been far too long since I last wrote. To be truthful, I was waiting for the magical moment when everything was completely finished and I could show you the prize. But this is Portugal and as one jigsaw piece gets placed, another pops out. And that has been our story for the past 2.5 years. All that said, we are opening this April YEAH!!! The walkers are starting to come in decent numbers and many stop to ask if we are open. Yes – we are that close. So I am going to show you the rooms that are getting their final touches for you to grace when you arrive and experience this venture. The real story is about to begin…as those doors open!

The Lofts
The Lofts

This post is dedicated to the sleeping quarters, which are housed on the second and third floors. We have beds for 18, plus an overflow capacity. The Pension Room has its own entrance, private bathroom with a shower and a wood burning stove.

A Quiet Place for 6.
A Quiet Place For 6


The lofts have individual beds  – 6 on one side and 4 on the other. A spiral staircase from the sleeping floor takes the walkers up to their accommodation and a steel bridge allows movement between the 2 loft areas.

The 6 bed bunk room has been designed so that no one is facing any other walker while sleeping. Each bunk is equipped with its own light and electric socket for charging technology. This room has its own wood burning stove for those cold rainy nights that no one thinks about in May through to September. But one thing Geof and I learned on our walks, is that there is nothing like being warm when the sun goes down from October through to April.

Bunk Room With Wood Buring stove
Another Angle With Stove